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Drilling Rig Construction Video

Timelaps Drilling Rig Construction VideoA timelapse video showing the setup ('rig-up') of a typical drilling rig in Poland.


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Shale Gas Extraction Video

Shale Gas Extraction VideoA video describing shale gas extraction.




Hydraulic Fracturing Video

Hydraulic Fracturing VideoA short video describing the Hydraulic Fracturing process used during shale gas extraction.


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Truthland Video (on Gasland)

Truthland Video - Response to GaslandDocumentary with data and testimonials about development of shale gas that clears up many of the misconceptions present in the industry today.


BBC-America's Shale Revolution

BBC Video America's Shale Gas RevolutionA drop in global demand, and increased American production have seen a recent weakness in oil prices, but what does a lower oil price mean for US producers?


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